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  • Archdiocese disappointed about arrested singer playing benefit concert

    The Archdiocese of Agana expressing its disappointment that a woman busted for drugs will still headline a benefit concert for Catholic school students.

  • Port Authority wants to find out what caused dead fish

    The Port Authority of Guam is getting to the bottom of a fishy situation down at the Hagatna Boat Basin. Port officials saying they'll be enforcing existing laws - meaning only rod and reel fishing and talaya throw net fishing will be allowed at the marina.

  • Contract clears the way to prep Marine base in Northern Guam

    It's a huge step forward in the long-planned relocation of thousands of Marines from Okinawa. A $165 million contract has been signed to prepare the site of a new 400-acre Marine base in Northern Guam.

  • Parents say their daughter was left behind at school

    A child was apparently left behind. Her parents telling KUAM she was supposed to take the bus home after her first day of school, but there's was somehow a mix up that resulted in the young girl instead left waiting for more than hour to get home.

  • Community speaks after Grammy winner caught with illicit drugs

    Island residents voiced their opinions on the arrest of Yvonne Elliman-Alexander, the Grammy Award-winning singer and actress dealing with real world drama here on island, busted for weed and meth but scheduled to headline a concert to raise money for Mt. Carmel Catholic School. 

  • Back to class for public school students and teachers

    It's a big day as thousands of the island's public school children headed back to the classroom. But, the school year started with a few hiccups for the Guam Department of Education.

  • Senators may need more time for budget

    It was Day Three in session, as lawmakers tackle the budget. And  it seems they may need more time.

  • Defense: police got charges wrong about physician accused of family violence

    A Guam doctor charged with felony family violence and aggravated assault wants his case dismissed. Dr. Insaf Ally was arrested back in May accused of getting violent over pictures posted by the victim on social media.

  • Guam cleared, but island community reminded to always prepare

    Things are slowly getting back to normal here on Guam following last week's threat by North Korea. But today, homeland security officials made clear they are not letting their guard down, since this is, as we've heard before, not the first time North Korea has threatened the territory.

  • Show will go on for disco star, despite arrest for meth, pot possession

    The show must go on...and it will. Despite her arrest on Tuesday night on drug charges, disco queen Yvonne Elliman-Alexander is expected to hit the stage and the high notes as planned. 

  • Dead fish near Boat Basin a major concern for island anglers

    Dozens of dead fish were spotted floating atop the water and washing up on the shore by the Hagatna Boat Basin. The issues have left some fishermen standing by frustrated, as potential harvests float away. 

  • Parents, faculty, admins ready for start of public school year

    Parents and school administrators are putting the final touches in place for the first day of classes tomorrow.  Rain or shine - students are heading back to class.

  • Brand new busses will bring kids to school

    Tomorrow's the big day: the first day of classes for over 30,000 public school students. And for those of you riding the bus, there's good news for you.

  • From standoff to stand down

    Could the threat to our island finally be over? Today, more eyes had been watching out for plans of North Korea's attack on Guam. But the leader of North Korea has reportedly called off those efforts...at least for now. That's the news coming out today from North Korean state media, and it seems Adelup is taking that report at face value.

  • Guam healthcare officials beef-up security plans

    Although the local government maintains there is no imminent threat of a nuclear missile from North Korea, local healthcare officials are still beefing up their emergency preparedness plans to stay ready for any possible outcome.

  • Speaker defends biennial budget

    "No one got cut, they didn't get their wish list maybe that I will admit to - they didn't get everything that they wished for," said Speaker BJ Cruz, defending his biennial budget as outlined in Substitute Bill 22. 

  • Island residents need to remain vigilant, prepared

    While Adelup says the rhetoric coming out of North Korea about a possible nuclear missile attack seems to have turned down, they still encourage residents to standup preparations.

  • Guam court system prepares facilities, staffers in case of attack

    Though it was business as usual on Tuesday, the Judiciary of Guam is taking the necessary steps to prepare their over 400 employees on what to do in the event of an attack.

  • No change in threat level, no change in visitors to Guam

    Tourists are apparently unfazed by the North Korean threat. There have been no major cancellations according to the Guam Visitors Bureau. GVB held its quarterly meeting Thursday, riding high on record numbers and confident that arrivals will continue to soar.

  • Governor Calvo reassures safety of Guamanians

    A threat to our island. It's been nearly one week since the war of words launched between President Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un. And all eyes remain on us, while we watch and wait to see who will make the next move.

  • Guam children share perspective on possible attack

    "This my home, you know - everybody loves this place it's like paradise, so I don't want anything bad to happen so I really hope that we'll be okay," explained 10-year-old Nathan Perez, who learned about the threat from about a possible launch of nuclear missiles into the waters off Guam on his own through social media.

  • Philippine consul general prepared to relocate offices if necessary

    Hoping for the best... but preparing for the worst case scenario. Though Philippine Consul General Marciano De Borja expresses his upmost confidence in the local government and our military defenses, it's better to be safe than sorry.

  • Trump tells Calvo he's behind Guam "1,000%"

    President Donald Trump isn’t just using his phone to turn up the tweets about North Korea, he’s also using it to call Governor Eddie Calvo to assure the people of Guam we have nothing to worry about.

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  • DOE HQ left in the dark due to unpaid power bill

    The hum of a generator could be heard outside DOE's headquarters - the consequence of a delinquent bill that left employees in the dark.
  • Community outraged at savage beating of dogs

    Broken legs, a fractured skull, and damaged kidneys - just some of the injuries dogs Rex and Lucky sustained as a result of a brutal beating.
  • Short-term pain, long-term gain for CNMI consumers & businesses?

    DOCOMO Pacific announced plans for a new fiber optic cable between Guam and Saipan, citing increased connectivity and lower cost bandwidth.
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    Coldstone Creamery Birthday Club

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    Watch KUAM News or listen to I94FM or Isla 63 AM where we'll announce the special celebrants of the day every weekday. And Every Friday, one lucky person will win a birthday cake compliments of Coldstone Creamery! 

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    Nominate someone for the Good Neighbor Award

    The acts of good neighbors in our community often go unnoticed. The Good Neighbor Award is a monthly feature highlighting the everyday acts of selflessness among everyday people!  

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    The acts of good neighbors in our community often go unnoticed. The Good Neighbor Award is a monthly feature highlighting the everyday acts of selflessness among everyday people!  

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