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  • Inside iLearn Academy Charter School

    While charter schools have been surrounded by controversy in recent weeks, we take a closer look at iLearn Academy Charter School, one that appears to be thriving with a curriculum focused primarily on STEM.

  • Education Board responds to accusations

    Is the Guam Academy Charter School being undermined so others can acquire its funding, students and facilities? The Guam Education Board vice chair Mark Mendiola responds to the accusations.

  • Guam Catholics want church built after John Paul II

    A local Catholic group continues its longtime efforts to build a church named after Saint John Paul II. It's a project they hope will further strengthen the faith of the thousands of Catholics and others here on the island.

  • Online petition wants 401k plans left alone

    Don't mess with our "401k's." That's the message behind one group's online petition drive, against a bill it claims will harm retirement plan participants here. 

  • KUAM Gamechangers: Irie Fitzgerald

    You can catch Irie Fitzgerald catching the waves.

  • Young girl's story about being a little person going viral

    October is National Dwarfism Awareness month, something that is not commonly recognized on island. One little girl's story about being a little person is going viral.

  • Marines make their case for using Ritidian

    It's spurred heated debate from elected officials and many in the community...but today, the United States Marine Corps made its case before local mayors explaining what is being done to preserve the environment and cultural sites at the live fire training complex near Ritidian.

  • Charter school's board fires back

    Questions over accountability and financial management at Guahan Academy Charter School have made headlines over the past few weeks. But today the school's board members are firing back, alleging that recent criticism is an ill-disguised attempt to shut the school down just before the charter goes up for renewal.

  • Additional defendants named in luxury car scheme

    They're already set to face a Superior Court jury later this month and a federal jury later this year. But, a superseding indictment names additional defendants in a scheme involving dozens of luxury cars that were fraudulently registered then shipped to China.

  • Should cases for prison contraband be separated?

    The government is just trying to make it easy on themselves. That's the argument at least one defense attorney is making in response to the prosecution's opposition to sever the cases for those accused in the alleged prison contraband scheme.

  • Accountability at Guam Academy Charter School questioned

    More concerns were raised over accountability at Guam Academy Charter School during a work session between education stakeholders on Tuesday. Guam Education Board chair Maria Gutierrez and vice chair Mark Mendiola spoke out before the charter council on Tuesday. 

  • Parties already at odds at clergy sex abuse lawsuits hearing

    Settlement talks haven't even started, and parties are already at odds. Status hearings were held in both the local and federal court today for the 133 clergy sexual abuse lawsuits filed to date. But there's a back-and-forth, and at issue are two sticking points plaintiffs refuse to negotiate. 

  • UOG's budget comes up short, warns president

    University of Guam President, Dr. Robert Underwood says the school's budget is set for $30.7 million, but with the end of the fiscal year just around the corner they're still missing about 30 percent of that. Underwood says $9.7 million from the Fiscal Year 2017 appropriation is still outstanding, making it difficult to hire teachers and maintain facilities at the university.

  • Rodriguez concerned about downturn in Guam's tourism economy

    A high-level meeting on the continued decline in Japanese visitor arrivals is set for this week.  Tourism Chairman Senator Dennis Rodriguez says the downturn and its growing drag on the local economy is concerning - and he wants to hear from industry and government leaders on what needs to be done to reverse it.

  • Improved enforcement goal of USEPA visit

    The United States Environmental Protection Agency is in Guam this week conducting training with local officials in an effort to improve the enforcement of environmental laws.

  • Federal judge denies dismissal of firing range lawsuit

    Additional ammo for those against the military firing range at Litekyan may have come in the form of a federal judge's decision over the  weekend -  to deny the dismissal of the lawsuit regarding a military firing range in the CNMI.

  • FAS Athletics Team is ready for Koko Road Race

    Runners from the FAS athletics team are ready to represent at the 2017 Ko’ko’ Road Race on October 29 in Hagatna.

  • Separate trials for prison contraband scheme?

    Will the Department of Corrections officers and others accused in that major prison contraband ring have separate trials? That question is now for a judge to decide. There are a lot of moving parts in this case as 13 people total have been indicted for their part in the alleged scheme. One of those accused was even re-arrested yesterday after authorities had been tipped off that she was apparently dealing drugs while under house arrest.

  • Esteves, chairman on Ethics Committee, could face ethics complaint

    An ethics complaint has been filed against another Guam senator - who is also the Chairman on the Committee on Ethics.

  • Budget concerns for charter schools being ironed-out

    The Guam Education Board and Guam Charter Schools Council are working to iron out concerns raised over their combined $240 million budget and the impacts on public school funding.

  • Good news for Guam victims

    Still no verdict from Rome on Archbishop Anthony Apuron's canonical trial. But, some good news for victims from a court here at home. Deny defense's motion to dismiss the clergy sexual abuse lawsuits against Archbishop Anthony Apuron. 

  • Coldstone Creamery Birthday Club

    Watch KUAM News or listen to I94FM or Isla 63 AM where we'll announce the special celebrants of the day every weekday. And Every Friday, one lucky person will win a birthday cake compliments of Coldstone Creamery! 

  • DOE HQ left in the dark due to unpaid power bill

    The hum of a generator could be heard outside DOE's headquarters - the consequence of a delinquent bill that left employees in the dark.
  • Community outraged at savage beating of dogs

    Broken legs, a fractured skull, and damaged kidneys - just some of the injuries dogs Rex and Lucky sustained as a result of a brutal beating.
  • Short-term pain, long-term gain for CNMI consumers & businesses?

    DOCOMO Pacific announced plans for a new fiber optic cable between Guam and Saipan, citing increased connectivity and lower cost bandwidth.
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  • Coldstone Creamery Birthday Club

    Coldstone Creamery Birthday Club

    Your loved ones' birthday is cause for celebration and the stations of KUAM and Coldstone Creamery want to make it extra special for them! Beginning April 1, KUAM News and Radio are launching the Birthday

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    Watch KUAM News or listen to I94FM or Isla 63 AM where we'll announce the special celebrants of the day every weekday. And Every Friday, one lucky person will win a birthday cake compliments of Coldstone Creamery! 

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  • Nominate someone for the Good Neighbor Award

    Nominate someone for the Good Neighbor Award

    The acts of good neighbors in our community often go unnoticed. The Good Neighbor Award is a monthly feature highlighting the everyday acts of selflessness among everyday people!  

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    The acts of good neighbors in our community often go unnoticed. The Good Neighbor Award is a monthly feature highlighting the everyday acts of selflessness among everyday people!  

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