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  • Inside the world of GFD's Hazardous Materials Team

    Hazardous materials incidents involving the release of dangerous chemicals, radiation or biological and environmental emergencies and confined space incidents that could cause the loss of life, destruction of property, or harm to the environment must be dealt with.

  • DOE addressing growing truancy problem before it reaches the courts

    Despite the growing number of reported cases of truancy at the Guam Department of Education, fewer students are being referred through the court system thanks to strengthened interventions at the school level.

  • Guam community celebrates 73rd Liberation Day

    It's the biggest party of the year. Thousands lined the streets bright and early for the 73rd Liberation Day Parade - Strength in Unity - Manmetgot gi Dinanna.

  • Camp Freedom provides support for servicemembers' dependents

    Almost every year at least one of Guam's servicemembers is deployed or placed on military orders leaving their family to take care of the home front. But it's through the dedication of the Guam National Guard that our heroes' dependents are given another alternative to help cope with months far apart.

  • Relocation of Okinawa Marines to Guam will proceed

    The long-planned relocation of thousands of Marines from Okinawa to Guam IS going to happen.  That was the reassurance from Admiral Soshana Chatfield, who says the U.S. and Japan have set aside billions of dollars, and remain committed to moving the troops here.

  • Home Depot lends a hand to spruce-up Kamalen Karidat facility

    It literally translates to "House of Charity." For nearly 25 years, Kamalen Karidat has serviced the island's less fortunate. Just recently, they were the recipients of some awesome acts of kindness so they can continue their work helping the community.

  • Isa's Great-Grandma Perez tells her story from World War II

    My nana Arlene Bordallo's mother Rosalia Blas Perez was only eleven years old when World War II struck. "We were counting all those airplanes and we saw a lot of people running," she said.

  • Island prepares to celebrate 73rd Liberation Day

    Last-minute preparations are underway, as Guam celebrates its 73rd Liberation Day tomorrow. KUAM News got a glimpse of the route, as the Liberation Day Parade grandstand went up and spectators gathered to save those spots. And in doing so, we also ran into group of special men and women.

  • Prison holding officers accountable after pair test hot for using meth

    Testing positive for using illicit drugs. Two corrections officers are forced on administrative leave after the local prison does a department-wide drug test.

  • Final accuser takes the stand against UOG professor

    More partygoers took the stand in Day 6 of trial UOG's Dr. Michael Ehlert. The final witness today: one of Ehlert's accusers.

  • File imagery

    Oversight hearing held for missing DOE funds

    Missing money at the Guam Department of Education led to an oversight hearing before lawmakers Thursday morning. It's an active investigation involving an alleged $8,000 in missing money at Agueda Johnston Middle School.

  • Helen "Island Girl" Aguon emcees Liberation Parade for 20th year

    The KUAM Studios in Harmon has been her home for decades, but once a year she goes beyond the music to host the island's most significant event commemorating our liberation. And she's been doing it for twenty years. 

  • Brittany's grandparents share memories of the Japanese occupation

    My beloved grandparents, Paul McDonald Calvo and Rosie Baza Calvo, told me about their experience as war survivors. When I was younger, I would often visit my grandma and ask to hear the legend of Sirena.

  • Isa's grandmother shares her World War II story

    "The first thing that I remember is when they bombed the Sumay area," said my grandmother, Josefa Baza. She was only 11 when Japanese forces invaded Guam. Because her father was a carpenter, the Japanese took her home in Merizo - the sturdiest ifit wood house in the village.

  • Another Ehlert accuser takes the stand

    Partygoers took the stand in Day 5 of trial against University of Guam's Dr. Michael Ehlert. One of today's witnesses, a UOG student who alleges Ehlert touched her in the water at the nearby beach.

  • GPA's EnergySense Rebate Program puts cash back in your pocket

    The Guam Power Authority is always looking for ways to benefit their customers. And one local program could put some extra cash in your pockets.

  • Asmuyao school positioning itself as official central alternative to DOE

    Could a new alternative school be on the horizon for Guam? One organization hopes so, going before the Guam Education Board Tuesday in an effort to gain approval for funding from the Guam Department of Education.

  • Chamorri Crossfit represents in Philippines weightlifting event

    6 female athletes from Chamorri Crossfit represented Guam in the Philippines for Olympic Style Weighlifting. The team competed in the 1st Annual Hidilyn Diaz Weightlifting Open Championship held at the Meralco Fitness Center.

  • Guam honored to have not one, but two Liberation Parade grand marshals

    Guam is just a few days away from commemorating it's 73rd Liberation, and over the years Liberators have graciously returned to the island, honored to participate.

  • DOE wants to hang on to Yigo property

    An 80-acre piece of land in Yigo may be conveyed back to the federal government. But the Guam Department of Education hopes to keep that land for a potential middle college.

  • Women detail alleged sexual encounters with Ehlert

    Day 4 of trial for UOG's Dr. Michael Ehlert continued today with more testimony from alleged victims. These two women, however, didn't report their unwanted sexual encounters with their psychology professor until it was too late.

  • Free seminar for farmers being held at UOG

    Local farmers, take note: a free and informative seminar happening tomorrow hosted by the USDA Farm Service Agency.

  • Guam Bar Association erred in electing officers

    The Guam Supreme Court orders a new election...but it won't be your typical political balloting. Instead, the vote will decide the new presidency of the Guam Bar Association. 

  • Remembering war: Nick's grandmother shares story of Japanese invasion

    They've come a very long way. Guam's war survivors passing down their stories of what they recall when Japanese troops took over the island. Tonight, we bring you another one of our survivor's.

  • Trial starts for Linda's Coffee Shop riot

    It's an aggravated assault case that linked to the death of local bodyboarder, Brian Cruz. Last October, Cruz had been out drinking with friends when he was punched in the face and knocked unconscious. Police would discover him in the backseat of a car, still unconscious, while responding to a riot at Linda's Coffee Shop.

  • Island business leaders: no more taxes

    No to more taxes - that's the basic sentiment from a survey conducted with the Guam business community.  It's no surprise that the island's private sector is up in arms over talks of tax increases.

  • My grandma, my war survivor

    "The Japanese war. The Japanese come," recalled 95-year-old Maria Lizama Gumataotao. For me, the only war I can imagine is what I see in the movies. For Gumataotao, my grandmother, it was a reality.

  • How did a drone crash near the Mangilao prison?

    It was not the sort of eyes in the sky wanted. A high tech drone alerted officials at the Department of Corrections after it crashed on prison grounds.

  • UOG staffer testifies about Ehlert investigation

    It was a teacher-hosted house party that a made turn for the worst. University of Guam's Dr. Michael Ehlert now in day three of trial accused of digitally penetrating three of those party goers while they were swimming in a beach nearby.

  • KUAM wins 8th Murrow Award by Radio Television Digital News Association

    KUAM has received the prestigious Regional Edward R. Murrow Award for “Excellence in Social Media” marking a record 8th time the company has gotten the nod for its work in online content creation, digital distribution and news reporting. 

  • Coldstone Creamery Birthday Club

    Watch KUAM News or listen to I94FM or Isla 63 AM where we'll announce the special celebrants of the day every weekday. And Every Friday, one lucky person will win a birthday cake compliments of Coldstone Creamery! 

  • Our new baby: KUAM rolls out Apple TV app for living room streaming

    We're welcoming a new addition to our family of digital applications, giving you yet another avenue to access to our content anytime, anywhere you are, on any device.

  • DOE HQ left in the dark due to unpaid power bill

    The hum of a generator could be heard outside DOE's headquarters - the consequence of a delinquent bill that left employees in the dark.
  • Community outraged at savage beating of dogs

    Broken legs, a fractured skull, and damaged kidneys - just some of the injuries dogs Rex and Lucky sustained as a result of a brutal beating.
  • Short-term pain, long-term gain for CNMI consumers & businesses?

    DOCOMO Pacific announced plans for a new fiber optic cable between Guam and Saipan, citing increased connectivity and lower cost bandwidth.
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