Guam - It's an incident almost too unbelievable to be true: a pair of men in such a drunken stupor that they boarded a school bus (filled with students kids at the time), then walked into a public high school, and sat down with students in the cafeteria.

But now that the randomness of the situation has worn off and all the quips have been posted on social media, the question on everyone's mind had bubbled-up: how in the world could this have happened in the first place?

KUAM News spoke with both the Department of Public Works and the Department of Education today and like most in the community are just as concerned something like this could have happened. According to court documents, it was last week 21-year-olds Ronanto Ressa and Marson Zakarias were drunk and able to board a DPW school bus and ride to Tiyan High School.

DOE deputy superintendent Rob Malay said he is taking the matter seriously. He said, "Along with the Department of Public Works we continue to work collaboratively to identify what took place and to ensure that this does not happen again."

DPW director Glenn Leon Guerrero added, "It's not a good situation obviously, but my understanding from my superintendent who investigated the incident was that these guys boarded the bus at about 5:45 in the morning on Friday, last Friday." They then rode to Tiyan High, where entered the campus and began intermingling with students in the cafeteria.

It wasn't until someone noticed that they were not students that the individuals were caught. But how did they go unnoticed?

"The regular bus driver that was supposed to take that route wasn't there, he was sick, so it was a new driver that wasn't familiar with the people that were on the bus," Leon Guerrero explained. Tiyan High School also does not utilize school uniforms, a factor which may make it difficult to differentiate students from other members of the community.

"Be that as it may, we're going to have to look back into our procedures," the director added. "Understand that our drivers are looking at their surroundings, and in terms of making sure that the kids that board on are safe and all that stuff so this is something we will look into."

Malay stated that an investigation is being conducted to look into the matter, and said appropriate administrative action will be taken based on the results.

As for Ressa and Zakarias, they face charges for public drunkenness.