Race:  Senatorial

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Village: Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon

Campaign Manager: Jose A. Crisostomo

Treasurer: Ricardo Bordallo


I was born in Iloilo, Philippines 59 years ago and came to Guam when I was five years old. I was raised in Agat/Santa Rita and I attended Mt. Carmel, Agat Junior High, Notre Dame and graduated from Sacred Heart High school in Bellevue WA. I graduated from the University of Guam in 1981 and received a Masters and PhD in Education from the University of Oregon. I did this while raising three children as a single mother.  I was able to accomplish those goals with the assistance of my family, the Teacher Training Program at UOG, welfare and food stamps and more importantly, God's guidance and grace.

I served as a classroom teacher, administrator for research and planning and Superintendent for the Guam Department of Education during turbulent times and I successfully completed my contract and met my objectives. My public service and commitment to all of Guam is reflected in my charter membership in the Organization of People for Indigenous Rights, the Filipino Community of Guam and board membership for the Guam Memorial Hospital, St. Paul's Christian School and Guam Humanities Council.

My life has been shaped by the challenges of family life and participation in a new society as an outsider. But I received a helping hand and opportunities when it made the difference between independence and success or being dependent on others. My faith in God, family, public assistance and fair treatment by many on Guam made the difference for me and I want to pass that along to future generations.


Philosophy: I believe that public service should be about providing opportunities for success. This means that services should be provided as needed, fairly and equitably. When individuals need assistance, we provide it not just because it is right, but because it makes us all stronger. We will be able to use the God-given talent that we have and reach our potential. Extending that opportunity will strengthen our economy, our community and ultimately reduce crime, family violence and reliance on public assistance as people develop fulfilling lives.

1. First Generation Initiative- we must support programs that encourage individuals to be the first in their family to go to college, establish a business, enter a profession and run for office

2.  Strengthen the concept of lifelong learning to deal with economic and social changes based on a prek-12 system that develops basic skills, engaged citizenship and a spirit of inquiry for each child.

3.Grass Roots Entrepreneurship.  GovGuam programs that encourage broader participation in the private sector economy and the establishment of small businesses and entrepreneurship at the grass roots level.

4. Access for all in procurement. GovGuam and Federal procurement of services and contracts that encourage more entrepreneurship at a grass roots level and are open to all Guam businesses.

5.  Accountability for GovGuam. Spending and programs must be held accountable to the taxpayer for efficiency and impact. Are we spending wisely and are we meeting our purposes?

6. A 21st Century GovGuam. Modernize our IT now. We are in the 21st century whereby young people change cell phones regularly and we conduct most of our private sector business on line. Our GovGuam agencies and their services are stuck in the 20th century and thereby deny access to all and squander resources.

Campaign Slogan: Equal Opportunity and Fair Treatment = Success for Guam

Phone Number: (671) 687-1370
Office Number: (671) 687-1370 
E-Mail: nb.underwood@yahoo.com