Pacific islander creatives are to join an art exhibit celebrating indigenous highs and lows.

“Nu i tano’, Nu i tasi, Nu i taotao, Ta nå’i animu,” or For the land, for the ocean, for the people, to give our entire spirit.

A chant Pacific Islander creatives, indigenous landowners and activists will embody during Micronesian Climate Change Alliance and Hita Litekyan Ta Nå’i Animu art exhibition.

From July 13 to Oct. 18, the exhibit will give Micronesian and Pasifika artists the chance to display pieces centered around indigenous living.

Hita Litekyan Maria Hernandez May and Kacey Bejado shared how artists are giving spirit to their work.

“We’re excited for the community to come out and read the descriptions for each of the pieces and how meaningful they are to land but each person has their own story that they’re trying to tell through their art pieces,” said Hernandez.

“You’ll see a lot of stories about family and how our saina really reflected and created this relationship with us and the land and those relationships are really reflected in their pieces as well,” added Bejado. 

With Guam’s 80th Liberation Day approaching, Ta Nå’i Animu keeps history close to heart, honoring all those who faced hardship and loss during the war.

“We had people across the entire island communities that came together and decided they didn’t want to wait for anyone to save them and that our ancestors took it upon themselves in many parts of the island to liberate themselves even before the Americans returned to Guahan,” said Hernandez. 

“Although Ritidian families have experienced forced displacement from our lands like many other CHamoru families after World War II, we’re using this exhibit as an avenue for healing in some ways,” she added. 

During the exhibit visitors will be guided through a journey of grief and make it to the end healed by the resilience of islanders both locally and across the Pacific.

A Guam Liberation celebrating strength, healing, and indigenous arts. 

Join Micronesia Climate Change Alliance and Hita Litekyan in the festivities happening this Saturday, July 13 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.