Following the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversal of the District Court of Guam's decision to require in-person consultations for patients seeking abortion medication, Sen. Will Parkinson moved quickly to introduce legislation to counter the appellate court's decision.

His bill removes the in-person consultation requirement for abortion patients, and specifically allows for virtual medical consultation. Parkinson says abortion patients should be very concerned about the reversal, telling KUAM News, "In fact, that's why I moved with such haste on this - I wanted to show the community that we are watching and we will not stand idly by while their bodily rights are being infringed upon."

His legislation also removes the requirement that printed materials regarding abortion be provided to patients.

"The second step is completely unnecessary and superfluos. There is nothing in those documents that the doctor can't already tell them in that initial 24-hour consultation and the doctors the one that'll be doing the telemedicine consultation, they don't have access to that literature, it's completely ineffective to require that literature and the off island doctors dont have it," he said.

Parkinson says he hopes the legislature will be able to act on his bill next month. Senators will meet next week for the budget session, as they must submit a spending plan to the governor by the end of August.