Guam - Judge Anita Sukola denies the defense’s motion for Chad DeSoto to attend his grandfather’s funeral later this month.

Prior to today’s proceedings, Sukola noted that prosecution has also opposed the motion. "The people argue that in light of the fact that the defendant is already facing possible mandatory life sentence without parole if convicted, the defendant faces no additional punishment or consequences if he chooses to engage in violence. Furthermore the people are concerned that given the high publicity of this case that security of the Palauan Evangelical Church may be a significant issue; lastly, the people argue that the defendant has expressed concerns that he might hurt or kill members of his family," she explained.

The court notes that DeSoto should not attend the funeral because his family members are also slated to take the stand later in the trial.

Before the jury later this morning, prosecution continued to call up witnesses for testimony. Testimony was heard from Guam Police Department officers who were first responders to the scene.

Prosecution will call on more witnesses following the lunch break.