GUAM - It was almost a four hour wait to get to a 5-minute interview for 18-year-olds and 2013 George Washington High School graduates Brandon Unpingco and Angelica Clark.
"I've been here since 10 oclock and we finally got into the doors at 12 or 1230 and we're still here and we didn't get called for interview until 15 minutes ago" Unpingco chimed.
The two were among an estimated 1-thousand job hunters lined up outside the Hilton Resort and Spa as early as eight this morning.

Lotte Duty Free Guam transition director Gerry Perez explained, "Tt's been very exciting and very overwhelming to see that the community is coming out responding to jobs for this new company."
Perez says today's hopefuls will be narrowed down to a qualified pool listing.
"What they do is they come in and they fill out some basic information about themselves if they already have a position in mind they can focus on that. But if they're not sure then after their preliminary forms have been filled they go to several tables that we have that have several binders that describe the list of jobs available. They then select one or two or more of potential jobs that they would like then they go to a secondary screening. After that they go through a tertiary screening because what we're trying to do is develop a qualified pool" Perez elaborated.
For Clark, the wait was well worth it and will hopefully result in a sales associate position for the fragrance or makeup counter.
"I've worked before but only for summer jobs this is my first time having to go out there with everybody else looking for the same job applying for the same thing that you are it's a bit overwhelming but when you get through it you feel okay after" Clark revealed.
The two recent graduates along with the hundreds of others that turned in an application are crossing their fingers they'll receive a positive follow up call from Lotte officials within seven to ten days.