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Meet Guam's newest pest: the greater banded hornet

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They join the ranks of the coconut rhinoceros beetle and the brown tree snake. The greater banded hornet is one of the newer invasive species to wreak havoc on Guam's ecosystem.  

Hornets were first spotted on Guam in 2016 from Asia, but it's not sure exactly when they arrived.

Hornets can wipe out an entire colony of bees in a matter of days, which is a major threat to beekeepers around the island.  

According to a release from UOG, they're sending a team to Vancouver, Canada to the Entolomological Society of America this week.

That team consists of entomologists Dr. Ross Miller and Dr. Aubrey Moore as well as UOG graduate student and president of the Guam Beekeepers Association Chris Rosario to present on the threat to Guam as well as connect with specialists who can offer assistance.

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