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Latest accuser says teacher drugged, molested him while he slept

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Already 80+ lawsuits for sex abuse against the Church. But the most recent filed today provides gruesome details of a former Saint Anthony Catholic school student who alleges his teacher drugged him and molested him in his sleep.

He was only 11-years-old when the grooming began.

But throughout middle school, victim F.A.M. alleges he was sexually molested multiple times by Saint Anthony Catholic School music and religion teacher, Raymond Caluag.

According to the complaint filed today in the Superior Court of Guam, the teacher had F.A.M. stay after school simply to talk.

On these occasions, the teacher allegedly stroked him lower back, making him uncomfortable.

The following school year, the teacher would allegedly touch the boy's lower back and butt - in what he the teacher, he says claimed, was to correct the boy's posture.

The worst came in F.A.M.'s final year at the Tamuning school.

The victim alleging the teacher would treat he and his classmates to outings and sleepovers at his house.

During one of these sleepovers, F.A.M. believes he was drugged and lost consciousness. He awoke in a bed, not knowing how he got there.

The teacher, he alleges stated "You don't remember me carrying you to the bed? Oh you must've been so exhausted."

During another sleepover, a similar scenario occurred - F.A.M. alleges he mysteriously passed out, but this time awoke to Caluag masturbating while touching the boy's penis.

The victim recalled hearing his teacher mutter "I really done it this time."

The following morning, F.A.M. woke up to his teacher spooning another student.

Later, the teacher would give the boy a ride home, but not before stopping by Caluag's house. That's where the boy was ordered to take off his clothes and lie on his stomach.

The teacher then allegedly massaged his back and buttocks with lotion and told the boy not tell anyone what happened.

Though he tried to avoid Caluag, the teacher gave the boy a letter for his parents, requesting they spend more time together under the guise that Caluag was his personal catechism teacher.

F.A.M. tore up the letter before it made it to his parents.

According to the complaint, the repeated sexual abuse was life changing, F.A.M. saying he became withdrawn and depressed, had self-esteem issues, and used illegal narcotics and developed substance abuse issues.

F.A.M. is represented by attorney Anthony Perez who requests that the church come clean and expose all known members and employees who are sexual abusers.

The complaint also requests special and general damages in amounts to be proven at trial.

KUAM files show this is the third allegation made against Caluag, who still teaches in the Philippines.

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