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Shocking video shows dead dog being prepared as a meal

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For some it's a cultural norm, for others it's repulsive. While there are no local laws prohibiting residents from eating dogs, it's how the animal is killed that could possibly result in a felony charge.

Dogs - they're fondly referred to as man's best friend but they're also an appetizing meal for some. "I think its horrific. You can see through the attitude of the people there. That this is a great day for them. I just think it's tragic. You hear this thing that eating dogs is cultural. I would like to rail against that because there are lots things that are cultural but that doesn't make it right," stated Dr. Tom Poole, Guam's territorial veterinarian. He's reacting to a viewer-submitted video of three men who appear to be preparing a dead dog to be cooked and eaten.

Although it's unknown where or when the video was captured and whether the men in fact killed the dog, according to Dr. Poole, the only humane way to kill a dog is under the supervision of a veterinarian. "The dog has a wound over his left shoulder, which looks like the dog was shot. Maybe even just as the dog was passing by was just shot. That's sort of what that wound looks like. If so clearly that dog was not sacrificed in a humane manner. Even animals that we eat for food, pigs cattle and that sort of thing have to be humanely slaughtered," he said.

While the video may be upsetting for dog enthusiasts and pet owners, Dr. Poole recognizes it sheds light on a growing issue locally.

Daily, the Department of Agriculture investigates cases of animal cruelty. "It's well-defined in the law. It could mean physical cruelty. Physical pain causing. It could also be denial of food or water. Leaving them out in the sun. neglect. Abandonment. Not providing medical care when needed. All those things are defined in the law," he said.

While animal cruelty violations are charged as 3rd degree felonies, many don't have to. Dr. Poole states most cases aren't intentional and can be mediated with proper guidance to the animal's owner. "Probably the most common thing that we see is animals with inadequate shelter. An animal if he's going to be tied has to have overhead protection from the sun and the rain, which basically means a dog house. If he's going to be tied, he has to have adequate exercise so we're looking for something like thirty feet of chain or rope," said Dr. Poole.

If you do suspect a case of animal cruelty, you have many avenues to report it. "They can call GPD, they can call Agriculture, they can call GAIN. We are all going to be working with the AG's office and the AG's Office has indicated that they're very eager to prosecute cases like this. So this video that you have, if we can find out who is in that video, we will absolutely go after them," he said.

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