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Hurdles stymie new generator down at the Port

by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - Management at the Port Authority of Guam alerted the board today of another concern over the procurement of generators for the agency. General manager Joanne Brown says a few months ago, the power lines at the yard went down and had to be replaced.

Since then, the Port has had to rely on generator power to address refrigerator capability in the yard for all cargo coming in especially those carrying perishable items. Those generators however have since gone down as well. "If we had a major typhoon and we've had this inclement weather other past couple of weeks, we would not be able to maintain ourselves," she said.

Brown adds the Port has been working with GSA to procure generators that meet new USEPA standards of tier four for emissions. She says that however has been a challenge as the recent attempt to put out a bid to move forward was canceled because one vendor claimed the specifications were not well written and threatened to protest if GSA moved forward. the port discussed whether an emergency declaration certification may be the next step.

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