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Mangilao elementary school needs awning

by Krystal Paco

Guam - Students at Price Elementary School are drenched from a lack of covered facilities. When it rains, it literally pours on the students at the Mangilao campus. According to school principal Lisa Cooper-Nurse, the school was built in the 1950s, but to cope with the village's growing population, additional classrooms were built along the school's main building.

"Right now, there is no G-Wing awning and so there is a concern about having a G-Wing awning installed at the school. Particularly during rainy season, the first few months of school, the kids do get wet in that area so we do ask parents, because of a lack of an awning, to provide raincoats, or something for cover for kids in the event that it does rain on a particular day or time so they don't get wet walking from the main building to their classroom," she explained.

Cooper-Nurse says it's not unusual to spot groups of students huddled under large blue tarps to make their way to class on a rainy day.

Parent Margaret Johnson worries the issue will never be resolved as it's already been nine years, saying, "Just seeing throughout the years what the teachers and students have to endure without an awning down at the G-Wing Is pretty upsetting. I've been a constant nag with downtown they have responded very well, but its just frustrating on our end to get excuses."

DOE believes the project will cost $150,000 but a contractor quoted the project at $30,000. Either way DOE doesn't have the money in the current year budget.  Cooper-Nurse is hoping it will be included in next year's budget or that the community will extend a helping hand. She said, "If the community would be willing to help us install an awning and be able to provide the materials and to work with us to get an awning, then that would be great."

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