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Bill ensures no bottlenecks in policy review

by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - There's a backlog of procurement review at the Attorney General's Office, prompting lawmakers to address Bill 434 without having a public hearing.  Only one assistant AG is assigned to work on 31 procurement requests while 146 requests are expected to come in from various government agencies related to American Reinvestment and Recovery Act-funded projects.

Speaker Judi Won Pat says she met with Acting Attorney General John Weisenberger on the emergency situation and he provided several options for lawmakers to consider.  "Now the debate is on in terms of who do we want to give this to and for how long and what specific projects and it could also mean the third option where we could actually increase the dollar amount from what we said originally at $500,000 to maybe projects that are about $1 million, so all those are on the table now," said the speaker.

Lawmakers eventually passed Bill 434, which that would allow Weisenberger to designate special assistant AGs to review the contracts to prevent a bottleneck in the approval process.

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