by Denise Pong, for KUAM News

Guam's eight decades of being liberated was recognized in the nation's capital early today.  

"Todu i Tiempo i Pås Para Hita", meaning, "Peace for us always" in Guam's native tongue. It’s the theme of the 80th Guam liberation, and locally, "Yu’os prutehi i islan Guam" were words of the CHamoru people echoed in Washington, DC.

Guam’s delegate along with the Guam Society of America hosted a wreath-laying ceremony at the World War II Memorial at the National Mall. "My warmest Hafa Adai greeting. Good morning," declared GSA president Bernard Aguon, sharing the importance of Guam’s liberation.

"You see my friends, the freedoms that we enjoy today are there because of the sacrifices on the beaches and the jungles of Guam in the 1940’s," explained Aguon. "This milestone celebrates deep rooted love, unwavering support and a legacy that will last forever."

Lieutenant Governor Josh Tenorio and former congresswoman Madeline Bordallo and other members of Congress also attended the ceremony, along with World War Ii survivor Uncle Sai Sanchez. There was a solemn moment as the wreath was laid to honor all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice freeing the island from Japanese occupation.

And the ceremony ended in true Hafa Adai fashion with the Kutturan CHamoru Foundation bringing inafa'maolek to the nation’s capital.