Meth, guns, and robbery. It’s three common factors that continue to pop up in alleged killer David Uncangco’s rap sheet. 

And it’s why many of you are left questioning how a career criminal who was no stranger to violent crime was able to roam our streets. 

Did the justice system fail Joshua Taitague, the man who Uncangco allegedly shot and killed in Talo'fofo just weeks after he was released from prison? 

We asked that question to Police Chief Stephen Ignacio.

“What happened here was a very tragic incident. Nobody deserves to die in any manner whatsoever. We deals with the facts of the case and deal with people who commit such crimes, especially aggravated murder, to an arrest and hopefully to a successful prosecution,” said Ignacio. 

The same day he appeared before a Superior Court Judge for murder, Uncangco was to go before a federal judge.

At the time of the killing, Uncangco was on supervised release for a pair of armed robberies.   

In 2012, he robbed Imma Mart in Yigo at gunpoint, then three days later stole a Bank of Guam money bag from a woman also at gunpoint outside Submarina in Hagatna. 

He did time for over seven years in federal prison and was released in March 2021 on three years supervised release, which he violated just two months in. 

Uncangco failed to appear for drug testing, admitted to using meth, failed to check in with probation, and failed to participate in a substance abuse treatment program.

He went back to prison for 10 months for these violations and got out on supervised release back in March.

Then a month later, he was back behind bars for allegedly robbing a pawn shop and a jewelry shop, and for drug possession. 

He was set to answer those charges in local court in early June, but was released from prison after the Attorney General’s office dismissed the case without prejudice as they needed more time to investigate.

“The officers do a tremendous job in making arrests and holding people responsible. So we leave it in the Attorney General's hands and his team to make sure there's a proper prosecution of criminals,” Ignacio said. 

As KUAM reported, it came as a shock to Uncangco’s Defense Attorney Pete Santos as he believes there was already enough evidence.

Three weeks later, Uncangco allegedly shot and killed Taitague.

In a press release, AG Doug Moylan said prosecution dismissed the case as two key witnesses were off island at the time and planned to re-indict him but Santos said that isn’t true. 

Now Santos is filing a motion to dismiss the case for good, accusing the prosecution of lying to the court and abusing his defendant’s speedy trial rights.

Meantime, in the Talo'fo'fo homicide case, co-defendant Frances Cruz went before a Magistrate Judge today. Her bail is set for half a million dollars cash.

“It's truly unfortunate because I know some of the very close friends and relatives of the late victim, Mr. Taitague. So I have reached out myself to the family members extending my condolences,” he added.

Uncangco's District Court hearing, meanwhile, is rescheduled to Aug. 1.