A startling early morning for dozens living on Chalan Mata Street in Talo’fo’fo had resident Michael Unisog saying, “I noticed the police officer here and I looked out and noticed the yellow tape. That's when I felt something was up.”

Unsiog said he woke up Saturday morning to find Guam police officers just steps away from his front door.

Investigators asked him if he heard gunfire just before 4 a.m.

“Just from the questioning itself you already know there was probably a homicide that happened,” he said. 

Photos of the scene quickly circulated online and a body was captured underneath a white sheet in the middle of the road.

Another resident said they did hear what sounded like a gun going off.

“What woke me up was a sound like an impact of a car…My son and my daughter-in-law heard what sounded like a bang, like a gunshot,” they said. 

But the man’s death remains a mystery and police remain tight-lipped on the investigation.

For now, neighbors here were in shock and fearful over what happened so close to their homes.

“Scary. I didn't know how to respond and I woke up my son to get up because there’s a lot of police cars out there. I started shaking because we’ve never had that encounter in this area. Our neighborhood has always been so quiet,” they said. 

A quiet neighborhood now disturbed as police piece together what really happened.

“I was shocked to see an actual body in the road,” they added. “It’s crazy. Guam is getting so crazy and this area is really quiet.”