The Guam Public Library System is rolling out the upgrades to a service made particularly to ensure the blind community does not miss out on the library experience. 

Insert audio card here. And press play. It’s a digital talking book player.

"It’s not a cassette player," explained Kris Seerengan.

But it looks like one.

"But this is not a cassette player. This is a USB. So I put this one here,"

Seerengan is the library director with the Guam Public Library System.

His agency recently getting assistance from the Library of Congress to get these digital devices in their inventory.

"So we wanted to start here, the services and it’s absolutely free," he said.

Here’s how it works.  "They can call. We already put the forms on our website and they can fill it out and when they are approved we can give this device, the player," he said.

Users get to request the books they’d like to check out and listen to. Then it’s sent out in the mail.

And he or she can get it from the postal or if they deliver at home and they can read.

But the free service won’t be available to just any library patron.

"Only for those who are blind, low vision and print disabled and for people who are physically disabled, they cannot hold a book or turn the pages, they also can apply," he said.

Already four lucky library users were the first to get their hands of these devices.

The director now focused on making sure the public is aware this service is available.

"We are reaching out and doing a lot of community services and we feel that this is one of the good services for our people here in Guam. I understand there are about 300 blind folks and we want to reach out," he said.

For more information you can call the Guam Public Library System at 671-300-9299 or by visiting