We're all taught from  a young age to take not only pride in our island and for our community, but also ownership, and to look out for one another. It's the sentiment captured in our inafa'maolek spirit. And one resident who embodies that essence is being recognized for his swift thinking. 

Heroism has no shelf life. And in continued recognition of his very selfless and brave act amid a potentially dangerous situation, the Attorney General's Office gave Patrick Uncango an award, the very first of its kind.

Wanting to publicly demonstrate how taking responsibility and using his presence of mind stopped crime and saved lives, Attorney General Douglas Moylan presented the AG's Good Samaritan Award. It sheds light on the stewardship one man took for his family and the greater community. "This is our our small way from the Attorney General's Office to recognize and to thank you for what you did that day," Moylan said, extending a handshake to Patrick, his wife and son by his side.

Moylan continued the honor was for, "The courage Mr. Uncangco showed - that anyone can step-up to make our island a safer place."

"Good Samaritans - law-abiding people that want to protect others and help others this is important from my point of view, because if we get more people like Patrick in our community, our community becomes safer. We get less crime victims, we get more people helping out our law enforcement to do our jobs and to protect you and I".

And Patrick, not seeking the limelight, was honored, but humble.

So again, to Patrick we all say si yu'os ma'ase for your action. Hopefully, his act of heroism inspires others to step-up as he did.

Now as for what became of the fugitive Patrick held down until help arrived, defendant D.J. Tosiuo was indicted on charges of assault, terrorizing, and gun possession, to name a few. Authorities say he was allegedly involved in violent gang activity including the Maite shooting that injured a teenage girl.

He's scheduled to make a plea on July 11.