Delegate James Moylan has announced recent amendments and approvals which would additionally support the Guam Customs and Quarantine Agency in combating illicit drugs and protecting our borders. 

The amendments would provide authority for both the Transportation Security Administration and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to work with the Guam CQA in providing equipment, resources, and/or other forms of support. 

Up to $6 million was appropriated to execute this authority.

Moylan’s Community Project Funding would provide X-ray scanners for the Guam CQA to intensify their inspection authority at the Guam Airport was also approved and included in the base text of the Criminal Justice Appropriations bill. The approval was a total of $350,000.

“With our rising drug epidemic and now with the news that fentanyl has entered our island and has sadly taken some lives, it is obvious that we need to do more as a government to equip our law enforcement officers and entities with resources. I am happy that my colleagues supported these amendments, as they are very much welcoming,” said Moylan. 

“The authority being provided to both TSA and CBP, would assist Guam CQA in securing additional scanners, vehicles, and other necessities as our officers not only protect our borders from drugs, but also address the influx of migrants entering the island illegally. The work is far from over, but these actions do bring some optimism,” he added.

Earlier in the month, Moylan announced another CPF approval, which would provide Guam CQA with a Mobile Command Center. 

Last year, his CPF provided the agency with $2 million to initiate the process of constructing the long-awaited screening facility at the Port Authority that was approved and enacted at the start of the year.