Workers at Melody store in Tamuning are left with a bad tune and the aftermath after their shop was hit not once but twice by burglars. 

“I’m very shocked because it [happened] very close, like one week they came here two times,” said Owner Melody Yao.

She opened up shop at the DNA Plaza in Tamuning about two years ago. 

The small store sells mostly baby products and car accessories. For the most part business has been good, until recently.

The store was hit twice by burglars just days apart.

She was forced to change the locks from the first break in last week, only for her colleague to discover another mess inside Sunday morning. 

“They see that the register is very messy and everything is coming out. Then they go to the back and they see the door is open,” said Yao. 

Slowed down surveillance video showed two individuals wearing hoods around 2 a.m., one of them holding what looks like a crow bar. 

“Two guys broke in through the back door and took all the money,” she added. 

The thieves took off with about $1000 in cash, strollers, other baby products and coins. 

She reported the crime to the Guam Police Department.

“But they cannot see their faces and there’s no cameras outside. So they cannot know anything,” she said. 

The burglars were only captured for a few seconds on her cameras before they disabled them. 

“They came in here and the first thing they did was they took off the [plug] for the camera,” she said. 

Meantime, she plans on beefing up security by installing another security camera out back. 

If you have any information about this break in, you're asked to call Guam police.