Team Northern Marianas is now complete at the Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture in Hawai’i. KUAM spoke with their delegates at the Honolulu International Airport ahead of the opening ceremony today.

The last group of delegates from Northern Marianas and Guam have arrived in Hawaii for FestPAC.

It’s Rota weaver Antonelli Rosario’s first time at the largest Indigenous Pacific Islander celebration. "We are really excited to be here at FestPAC to showcase what Rota has and what the CNMI has to share with these other islanders, to share our knowledge and skills to the next generation that are coming up," said Rosario.

That next generation includes 17-year-old dancer Alexandra Castro from Tanapag in Saipan. She said it was her first time to leave Saipan and fly on an airplane. "Honestly, I feel very honored because I am very in touch with my culture because of this experience. It was my family before me and now I am here. After them representing for so long, it is me. I hope I can continue this legacy with my kids too," she said.

Raquel Aguon from Tinian shares that passion for her culture as one of 60 dancers representing the CNMI. "The day has finally come. It is very exciting for us to be here after the couple of months of countless hours, and late night practices, and blisters, and all the hard work. We are finally happy to finally be here to showcase what we have put together," she said.