Guam is one step closer to joining 46 states in support of Jessica’s Law.

Senators with the 37th Guam Legislature voted unanimously for the passage of Bill 183 during session Friday.

The measure now heads to the governor’s desk for signature.

As KUAM reported, the bill would increase the minimum sentencing by ten years for anyone convicted of first- and second-degree criminal sexual conduct against children.

The measure specifically would increase first-degree CSC to 25 years and second-degree CSC to 15 years.

“It still allows judges the discretion to sentence evil child predators to at least 25 years to life in prison, all without the possibility of parole,” said Sen. Chris Barnett. “While the bill increases the mandatory minimum sentence for these crimes, I ask judges to be merciless when they hand out punishment to evil pedophiles. After all, these deranged individuals show no mercy to their victims.”