It's Mental Health Action Day! A time to support mental health awareness. 

As we've reported, suicide remains the third leading manner of death on Guam. 

Majority of tragic cases reported in 2023 were people in their 20’s and there are signs to be on the lookout for checking in with someone. 

This information was provided by Tu’ma Guam.

A list of the warning signs that could lead to getting appropriate care include when someone talks about death or wanting to die; researching options and items they may use; talking about feeling hopeless and having no reason to live; feeling trapped, or when one discusses being a burden to others around them. 

Additional signs include increased use of alcohol or drugs; acting anxious or becoming reckless; sleeping too much or not enough; showing rage and talking about revenge; showing extreme mood swings; and giving away meaningful items. 

A reminder that you can always seek help by calling 988.