Day two into a charter school investigation after a video of what sounded to be a staff member at Guahan Academy Charter School yelling profanities at students during a school lock down.

Our story sent shock waves across the community.

“Kids, they are kids. But just tell them straight, not yelling and not cursing – I think  that’s the proper way,” said Yigo resident, Nilda Espiritu. 

Dededo resident Goldie-Ann Mostales added that it was “a bit much to hear around kids.” 

The public even shared strong opinions online with more than 200 users taking to KUAM’s Instagram overnight.

One former parent at GACS commented, “I’m so glad I took my kids out of this place. Don’t let me get started on how this school handles things.”

The video even prompted push-back on a statement made to KUAM from GACS Assistant Principal Maria Singh, who said that the matter was never reported to administration. 

Another commenter wrote in part, “They are very much aware I made the report of this incident, so why is she saying I should’ve come to them first when that’s exactly what I did, twice!!!!”

And while the school maintained it is unclear if a staff member or a student was heard cursing in the video, KUAM reached out to the Chairperson of the Guam Academy Charter Schools Council, Evangeline Cepeda on the incident.

“We wanna base everything on facts. We want to hear all sides of the story and get the record straight and not base it on hearsay and not on a 30-second, 30-second, or 20-second clip video. We wanna get everything and the facts,” said Cepeda. “If the staff and faculty did this and it was unprofessional and uncalled for and there’s no justifying it, then we will take matters into our hands and address it and resolve it.”

She said the same sentiment applies if the investigation finds a student was responsible. 

Meantime KUAM also received an anonymous tip alleging corruption within GACS. 

They wrote,

“If you didn't see it yet, we are in the news so while it's hot, I would like to add to what's going on inside GACS. Don't take my word for it. Ask the employees who are still around, ask the employees that left, ask the parents! I can guarantee you, you have never seen a turnover like this. Guahan Academy should not have been renewed! Someone should've called bullshit! We have CUSTODIANS subbing classes! We're so short staffed that the students are at risk but we care about the students right?! With employees continuously leaving due to extremely poor and unjust management and people calling out because coming into work is just not worth it, we don't have enough hands on deck! The same administrator that will face the media and clean up the name of Guahan Academy is the same administrator that will tell teachers to give her friend's son a passing grade instead of getting a TRUE, failing grade. The same administrator mentioned that classroom training is provided. Where? When? The assistant principal is the most corrupt in the school. The immaturity, abuse of power, and ability to manipulate is overwhelming. She says go to management, but there's evidence to prove why management is not the best option. A handful are waiting for the end of the school year to call it quits! Management is not for the people and the students! All Guahan Academy does is make sure we look good, but internally we are broken and unfit to stay open. Management picks and chooses what they want to do for the best interest of them and not the entirety. Was the training shared with proper personnel, NO. Students constantly skip and referrals are done as advised, but no consequence is given so YES students do what they want. Employees are not okay. We are unhappy, dissatisfied, and overworked with management. There's no accountability on management's end although it's constantly preached. This is a cry for help on behalf of the employees at Guahan Academy. We got solid evidence and we have solid experiences, but the fear of retaliation exists. There's so many incidents to share, but this is the general inside details. Don't enroll your kids here. Don't apply here for a job unless the rotten ones are cleaned out. Some of us are still here because we are waiting for the next job to call. Trust the turnover. Management needs to look within and see that they are not taking care of the people who are still around. They need to stop covering things up! Some teachers have been here for years and have experienced the turnover of management, but its this particular group of management that is unbearable. Post this on Facebook and IG and you'll see what the public has to say. If Guahan Academy has nothing to hide and we're perfectly fine then management shouldn't have any issues to allow employees who want to be interviewed, speak to the news right? We are helpless. The Department of Labor focuses on discrimination and wage. Guam Federation of Teachers does not have us under their umbrella. So who can help us? Where do we go? I hope the board sees this and helps this school restore because with the only, honest, level headed, and fair, former principal gone, we are far from okay. Us employees would hope the board looks into this and gets rid of the ones ruining the school. Interview the employees with the safety of no retaliation. We'll tell you everything. Like famous Barnett said, ‘don't let them sweet talk you,’ and as Katt Williams said, ‘2024 will be the year where the truth comes out.’”