Guam Delegate James Moylan announced his amendment to authorize a total of $140 million for road repairs was included in the Chairman’s Mark of the Fiscal Year 2025 National Defense Authorization Act. 

The Defense Access Road program would provide the legal means for the Department of Defense to pay its share for public highway improvements that are made necessary by sudden or unusual defense-generated impacts. 

Repairs under the DAR program can include but are not limited to strengthening and repaving public roads, replacing bridges, and retrofitting manholes. Additionally, as part of the one-Guam plan, powerlines running alongside roadways to be repaired can be relocated underground. 

Mechanical infrastructure, such as telecommunications and water/sewer lines, could also be supported. 

Congressman Moylan has targeted the Defense Access Roads program, as most of the eligible roadways are public streets regularly utilized by the people of Guam.

“While the chairman's mark is just the start of a lengthy process, the fact that the language was incorporated in the draft base text increases the odds of it staying in the final version of the House's bill, versus needing for it to be advocated for on the floor as an amendment. This is certainly a positive sign, " said Moylan. "However, we also understand that our work is certainly far from over on this issue, and we will continue to advocate to ensure that the language, or even the amount, is not amended in the process." 

“The benefit of this program, if enacted, is that it would repair roads regularly utilized by island residents, and it would be funded by the DoD," he said. 

The initial discussions on the FY 2025 NDAA commence this week, and the process is anticipated to last for a few months. 

Meantime, Moylan is also pursuing the appropriation language for this authorization in one of the forthcoming appropriations bills, as this request was part of his office's Community Project Funding requests.