In less than one week, parties will argue the Attorney General’s conflict case before the high court.

The AG today responded to the Joint Amicus brief filed by five Government of Guam autonomous agencies.

This includes the Guam Power Authority, Guam Memorial Hospital, Guam Waterworks Authority, Port Authority of Guam, and the Consolidated Commission on Utilities.

His response stated, “The Attorney General of Guam performs the duties to him by the Guam legislature. Amicus incorrectly treats this public position as a private attorney ignoring who the AG’s client is under Guam Law serving as their Chief Legal Officer rather than their public officials.”

The withdrawal case came after the AG confirmed his office is investigating 22 GovGuam agencies based on audits from the public auditor.

The case is scheduled to be argued on May 20 in the Supreme Court of Guam.