During his budget hearing for Fiscal Year 2025, Attorney General Doug Moylan requested for an increase, bumping up the Office of Attorney General's budget to $24.7 million. 

“Our budget is something I'm not proud of. It's the result of expenses that the taxpayers are being asked to pay for. We sum it up by saying that in order for us to perform the duties as required by Guam Law, an additional $5.9 million is going to be requested,” said Moylan. 

Moylan said part of that amount is coming from expenditures like the 22% government wide pay increase, which is about $3.8 million and $2.1 million for the Child Support Enforcement Division. 

Their rent is slated to go up about $101,000 more and about $450,000 more for legal consultants and miscellaneous items.

Moylan added, “We believe money spent with the AG’s office is well spent. We are unlike prior AG offices, we are working closely with the public auditor. We have active criminal and civil investigations as well as enforcement actions whether it be through prosecution or civil law cases.”

The two hour budget hearing also included an annual salary increase for Moylan’s position.