New details in the shooting in Maite that involved a 14-year-old girl has surfaced after authorities learned she was the passenger inside a car with three adults.

They were driving along Biang Street in the early morning of May 3 when suddenly, multiple gunshots rang out.

The driver sped away hoping to get to safety but was immediately unaware at first that the child was hit.

The suspects then rammed their car, causing them to spin out in the parking lot of San Jose Mart.

Witnesses recalled three suspects in a gray pickup truck and a gray Sedan.

The driver told police one suspect pointed a gun at him stating, “I’m going to kill you,” before taking off down Route 8.

The other suspects were armed with long objects, banging on the car window before taking off as well.

The child’s mother and another passenger helped the teen into the store before medics treated her, suffering from a laceration on her stomach and a gunshot wound on her back.

Mesemwan Repwak, who also goes by AJ Junior Jain, is charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault, both with special allegations of possession or use of a deadly weapon.

Repwak allegedly denied the shooting but court documents state a woman known to him allegedly told investigators Repwak came home crying that morning admitting he messed up and did not mean to pull the trigger.

Repwak is now being held on $540,000 cash in three cases filed against him.

Prosecutors noted he will spend life locked up, if convicted.

He is also charged twice with aggravated assault in connection to a machete attack in Harmon last August.

In a third case, Repwak is charged with aggravated assault, assault on a peace officer and resisting arrest.

Nineteen-year-old June Monu also charged with aggravated assault and terrorizing along with a special allegation for possession or use of a deadly weapon.

Both were accused in the violent road rage incident in Sinajana last Friday, the same day Repwak was captured. 

Repwak also allegedly tried to attack and bite arresting officers, later telling them he was sorry.

Forty-two-year-old Ammy Jain was also arrested on multiple counts of hindering apprehension and obstruction of government functions.

Authorities confirmed they found multiple machetes inside her home.

The community is on alert with messages going around on WhatsApp about the apparent gang activity, leaving many in fear over potentially becoming the next target. 

The police department confirmed they are aware of the alarming message. You can read their full statement below.