Imagine getting ready to leave your home on a Friday night, keys in hand and when you walk over to your parking spot, your car is gone. 

That's what happened to Peter Wall.

His white Tacoma pickup truck was stolen from the San Vitores Condos on Happy Landing Road. 

“At first I kind of just played back everything in my head because I was trying to process everything that was going on and making sure I didn't make any mistakes–that it wasn't a user error,” said Wall.

He reported it to authorities and surveillance footage captured the thief in the act.

Wall said, “An individual walking up trying to get access to multiple vehicles throughout the parking lot.”

Just after 3 a.m. last Friday, the video showed a man in a baseball cap and what appears to be a red and white tank top wearing a backpack.

The thief tried to get into other parked cars as well before eventually getting into Wall's truck, getting his hands on Wall’s spare keys and driving off. 

“You’d expect the security cam footage and the security cameras to be a better deterrence for people to come in here and break into vehicles as this individual did–but I guess not, and he took the risk that he did and ended up taking my vehicle so it was pretty upsetting to see…It’s just bad people out there doing bad things. It's not the island itself,” said Wall.

He now hopes the community can help to track down his truck. 

Images have been circulating online to be on the lookout for a four-door white Toyota Tacoma pickup truck with a sunroof and a Miami Hurricanes license plate in the front that reads NXLL13. 

Anyone with information is also called to ask Guam police.