The Commonwealth Office of Transit Authority expanded one of its first bus routes due to high demand.

Special Assistant for Public Transportation, Alfreda Camacho Maratita said, “We've extended our route to pass the Tottotville area and Koblerville, and now we're able to service parts of As Lito and Dandan and then head on into the college, the Northern Marianas College.”

And they are working on plans for another route that connects more people through Saipan.

She added, “You know, we're getting lots of calls of how to get to the college. There's a lot of amenities that are around that route to include some gym facilities. We’ve got places of worship. We’ve got schools. We’ve got grocery stores.”


 Transit CNMI is also working with DPS  to ensure safety on the roads for everyone amid the transition to increased public transportation.

“We want to promote people to use this form of transportation for one. One factor is that it's a safer rate. Of course, the buses are bigger as opposed to the car. So it's one safe way to get from one point to another.Now that tourists are able to avail to the service. It makes it even more safer for these tourists to, when they come and visit our islands,” said CNMI DPS Highway Patrol Division’s Sgt. Adrian Mendiola.

DPS wants drivers to take notice of where the bus stops are. They continue to develop plans to ensure smooth traffic with each new route and COTA shared that their long-term plans aren’t just on land.

Maratita said, “We’ve received funding through a competitive grant through the Federal Transit Administration to conduct a ferry feasibility study and a 20-year sustainable transportation master plan… Inevitably, that's the goal, is to provide, you know, alternative options for travel. Whether it be sea or air.”