During today's House Committee on Natural Resources hearing, Assistant Secretary for Insular Affairs, Carmen Cantor, mentioned that Guam is estimated to receive $80-million in Section 30 reimbursements for Fiscal Year 2025, indicating a potential $4-million increase compared to last year. 

Section 30 funds, representing income tax payments from military and federal personnel in Guam, play a significant role in stimulating the island's economy. 

Delegate James Moylan highlighted the positive impacts of increased federal government activity, anticipating further growth in section 30 reimbursements in the coming years. Additionally, Moylan introduced programmatic requests for the 2025 appropriations process, aiming to increase OIA’s budget by $4.4-million and earmark an additional $16-million for Guam.

Meantime, Vice Speaker Tina Muna Barnes is not waiting for the funds to come in hoping to earmark it for health, safety and education she is introducing legislation to propose $700,000 to the Guam National Guard's local matching funds, $1-million to guam police for patrol cars and highway security cameras, $1.3-million to Guam Fire for life saving vehicles and equipment to name a few.