Senate President Edith Deleon Guerrero has reorganized the Senate Judiciary, Government & Law committee.

In a May 7 memorandum to Senators, she removed Sen. Celina Babauta as chairperson of JGL and appointed Sen. Karl King-Nabors as the new chairperson. He will appoint new committee members.

The senate president noted in the memo that “there are 30 Senate bills and 28 House bills pending in the JGL Committee and the last committee meeting was held on September 14, 2023.


 Senator Babauta is also Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Executive Appointments & Government Investigations and the committee has been extremely busy with Senate confirmations of executive appointments.”

KUAM has reached out to Babauta for comment.

KUAM also asked Deleon Guerrero for additional comment about her decision.

She said, “Every standing committee has an important role and responsibility to include review proposed legislations referred to committee for passage or not. The required work of the committee must go on with the numerous referred bills that have far exceeded their timelines for committee work.”