April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Savannah Lyn Delos Santos, SART Manager for the Northern Marianas Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence shared, “It is a privilege and an honor to have you join us for the 2024  Sexual Assault Awareness Month Proclamation Signing Ceremony. Welcome to the movement.”

The NMCADSV held a proclamation signing ceremony where Governor Palacios and Lt. Gov. Apatang declared this month for the cause.

During his inspirational address, Office of the Attorney General Chief Prosecutor Chester Hinds said they stand with survivors.


“Statistics show that less than 5% of sexual assault allegations are made up. And for cases involving children, it's even less. I guess I'm biased, but let me ask, how do we not believe a child who tells a parent or a teacher or a counselor, and then tells their story to the police, and then tells their story to DYS, and then tells their story to the prosecutor multiple times to get ready for trial, and then goes into court and not only sees the jury, all the people in the gallery, but sees the perpetrator looking right at them. And then they tell their story again. And people still don't believe. This has to change. I am hopeful it will,” said Chester Hinds, Chief Prosecutor at Office of the Attorney General.

The coalition will host various events through April to raise awareness about the issue and build community.

Sgt. Frederick L. Sato, PIO & Crimestoppers Coordinator at the Department of Public Safety said, “Let’s work together to seek justice, find closure, and most importantly find peace in life.”