It’s been two years since the Department of Defense broke ground on the divert airfield project on Tinian. 

KUAM was there when one military official described it as “the largest and most important air force project in the region.”

Lt. Victor Obando with the Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command is the Resident Officer in Charge of Construction overseeing projects outside of Guam.

Obando said, “As of right now we are currently still setting operations for clearing, getting the right elevations for the ground, as well as preparing the earth work movement piece of this project at the moment. The second phase would include the fuel tanks, off site roads, cargo pads including taxiways, as well as the maintenance support facility. That one was awarded at $221 million.”

The project is still on track to be completed by contractor Black Micro Corporation in October 2026. 

Joint Region Marianas told KUAM news that the divert airfields are used “in the event that an aircraft cannot land at the original airfield in its flight plan for any reason.”

The developments come with many jobs, but there have been local concerns about help needed to train the workforce to do those jobs.

“Our team here in NAVFAC Marianas have been looking into seeing opportunities to set up training to give the opportunity for locals to get those up to date training to be more aware of what the new requirements or new policies are,” said Obando.

The military said they continue to engage with residents as the project unfolds.

Obando added, “With the local community, we have a pretty good relationship where we go and talk and we give them information as needed so that way they do not have any concerns and we have that trust between each other.”

Note: The Divert airfield will be completed by October 2026. Phase one will be completed by 2025, but the overall project (which includes two phases) will be completed by 2026.