According to local media reports in the stats, Charles Dewey III’s extradition to Indiana was completed on March 4. 

Dewey moved to Saipan in 2022 under the alias Carter Allen Widmor. 

Dewey was arrested on Saipan by CNMI authorities in January. He fled Indiana with at least six active warrants dating back to 2020 for cases involving rape, sexual misconduct with a minor, and drugs. 

He will now answer those charges in Indiana court.

In an interview with Indiana media, sheriff  Troy Hershberger said, “Eventually we will find you. It’s just a matter of time.” 

Deputy US Marshal Jarrid Lake retrieved Dewey from Saipan and brought him back to the states. Lake told the media that US Marshals are stationed throughout America and they work with local agencies to apprehend those responsible in a “decent amount of time.”

In February, Dewey broke his silence and shared his version of the story against the advice of the assistant public defender. 

He handed his written remarks to the media on his way out of the courtroom. He said he was the victim of a crime and was framed. Dewey said he ran away because he did not believe he would have a fair trial.