The CNMI’s only hospital is preparing itself for what it described as “a surge in cyberattacks” that has hit the healthcare industry and pose a threat to services and patient information.

“The Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation was recently threatened by potential data exfiltration, but with much diligence, all security measures are being employed to prevent any further threats and protect all data,” the hospital said in a press release.

CHCC said it is working with CNMI Homeland Security and other federal agencies for a thorough investigation to confirm the nature of the threat.

They said security measures are being implemented.

“We prioritize safeguarding the privacy of our patients and CHCC is currently evaluating the threat and working with authorities ensuring we are in compliance with Federal Laws,” the hospital explained in a press release.

They noted that clinical and emergency services remain undisrupted.

They added, “If you've received any communications regarding suspicious activities of a similar nature, it's imperative that you refrain from further engagement as we continue to work with authorities.”