The Port Authority of Guam welcomed the MS Artania as its the third passenger vessel to stop by our shores this year.

Holding 1,031 passengers and 511 crew, the MS Artania anchored down for a day to allow the passengers time to enjoy and explore Guam’s beauty and hospitality.

Port General Manager Rory J. Respicio said, “The coordination to receive cruise vessels like the MS Artania at the Port Authority of Guam, which is primarily a container yard, requires extensive collaboration…It is a testament to the effectiveness of teamwork between the Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB), Inchcape Shipping Services - the ship’s agent, the Customs and Quarantine Agency, Customs and Border Protection, and the Port Authority of Guam. Each entity plays a critical role, ensuring smooth operations to welcome tourists, thereby enhancing Guam’s tourism industry and local economy.”

Other potential cruise ship visits to Guam include the MS Asuka II on March 3, the MS Queen Elizabeth on March 21, the Le Soleal on March 24, the Carnival on April 8, the Seabourn on May 14 and Sep. 7, the Le Soleal on Oct. 8, the Carnival on Oct. 22, and the MS Asuka II on Dec. 30.