‘Singing the Song of Sisterhood’ is the theme for the Academy of Our Lady of Guam's 2024 songfest! 

For the past couple of months, the Cougars have been hard at work rehearsing for the event that has been around since the seventies. 

Senior Class President Micah Lacson explained the importance of the production.

“We get to bond together as a class, have a new sense of togetherness, through making new music, singing new songs, and entertaining our family, friends, and everyone on the island,” she said. 

Now, if you are not familiar with what takes place at the Academy songfest, senior Gabriella Lape breaks it down.

She explained, “Each class puts together their own performance. There is an entrance song, each class, it doesn't matter the order- borrowed song, an original, and a parody. And then we have an exit…It allows all of us, since we have a wide range, we can create anything we want and create different stories and share them with everyone else.” 

They hope that people will come out and see all the awesome that each girl possesses. You will not be disappointed.

Lacson added, “All of our girls have been working for several months, leading up to this Saturday, not only will there be class performances, there will also be a talent show. For students to display their individual talent in singing, dancing, and we aren't just inviting the Academy family but everyone around the island.” 

Support the Academy Cougars at the songfest! 

Doors open at 4 p.m. and performances start at 5:30 p.m. You can purchase tickets at the school business office for $35 until Wednesday, Feb. 14. You can still purchase tickets at the door for $40.

The Cougars added, “See you this Saturday Feb. 17 at the UOG Calvo field house for the Academy of Our Lady of Guam's 2024 songfest, Singing the Song of Sisterhood.”