Whether you’re faithful to the Bay or part of the Kingdom, the wait for Super Bowl 58 is over. 

Football fans across the nation and here at home are showing out, letting KUAM  know who they got in the epic showdown between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. 

The 49'ers scored the only touchdown in the first half.

The race for the trophy picked up in the second half with the Chiefs taking a 3-point lead.

The teams headed into overtime at 19-19, where the Chiefs claimed the crown with a triumphant touchdown.

Over at Capitol Kitchen, Chiefs fans dominated the crowd and among them was owner Casey Castro.

He said, “Of course I'm betting–I'm betting on them to win!” 

And at Chili’s in Tumon, a family niner gang represented their hometown heroes. 

“Born and raised in the Bay, San Francisco–right outside there–so we got to represent out here in Guam! Bang bang, niner gang! Go, niner faithful here in Guam! woo! oh yeah,” shouted 49ers fan, Veronique Wells.

KUAM also caught up with a couple with divided team support and close ties to the national football league.

Maria Dupree Lynn, who’s cousins with famed Dallas Cowboys tight end Billy Joe Dupree, rooting for the Chiefs with her husband Garry Lynn holding out for the niners. 

Maria Dupree Lynn said, “I kind of like anybody’s football, but I have to go against him, so we have something going on here.” 

“After 41 years, you got to keep it live,” said Gary Lynn. 

And in the Northern Marianas, super fans kept that liveliness up with loyal fans showing up early to watch the big game at the Hyatt, World Resort, and the Pacific Islands Club on Saipan. 

And the excitement did not stop there with an unforgettable half-time performance by Usher, with some surprise guest appearances.

It’s an anthem that has the Kansas City Chiefs all over screaming yeah, as the Chiefs take the title of back-to-back Super Bowl champions.

And after the NFL's seventh longest game ever, the Chiefs win the Super Bowl, 25-22.