Among the six is Senator Sabina Perez’s measure establishing a junk vehicle littering law.  It clarifies the dumping on government land is a littering violation subject to fines, restitution and the cost of disposal.

Another law is by Senator Amanda Shelton that authorizes a ten year lease between the Port Authority and the Marianas Yacht Club.

Then there’s Senator Joanne Brown’s measure that mandates that video and audio recordings of all boards and commissions be posted to the Office of Public Accountability website.

Another new law also dealing with public transparency is by Speaker Therese Terlaje. It requires the annual financial reports by non-profit organizations to be made available on the Rev and Tax website within 90 days. Failure to file triggers fines and penalties.

Also signed was another measure by Senator Perez establishing a solid waste revolving fund administered solely by the Guam Solid Waste Authority for the post closure costs of the old Ordot dump.

And finally, the Governor signed Senator Telo Taitague’s bill to authorize the police department to use unexpended funds from a 2019 law. Also by Taitague, to continue to buy recording equipment for police interviews with the public.