Drugs, cell phones, and alcohol being smuggled inside the Department of Corrections prison. DEPCOR  is investigating at least four cases that unfolded just in January.

An investigation is underway to determine which two prisoners at the agency were involved in an alleged scheme to smuggle contraband on the inside just a couple of days into the new year.

Director Fred Bordallo confirms officers found cell phones, illegal drugs and liquor at post 24 in Mangilao on January 2nd.

Bordallo tells KUAM they are eyeing two suspects.

The find was just one of three other contraband cases that unraveled at the start of the year.

On January 9th, the Special Operations Response Team found narcotics along the fence line of Post 16.

Then on January 15th, officers conducting security checks at Post 29 found a knife and illegal drugs near the air conditioning unit.

The latest incident reported on January 27th when officers found a cell phone also at Post 29.

The incidents leading to lockdowns.

Bordallo says they are getting a better handle on preventing contraband from getting into the hands of prisoners.

"What we are doing of course, we have assistance of other agencies like Department of Agriculture does periodic checks. We do have the manpower to do perimeter checks and randomly checking the fence line. At the same time, part of our strategy that we are going to be using is sustaining the communication and dialogue with GPD and the Attorney General’s office on these individuals that are responsible for this," he said.

The prison also established a threat management office with an individual assigned to intelligence to keep watch over what those on the outside are trying to sneak in.

"We won’t disclose the methods that we have of finding out and obtaining information of what’s happening inside the facility but definitely it’s going to be deterrence," he said.

He adds the K9 program, which has yet to be fully implemented, would also help uncover any contraband that does make its way into the inmate's cells.

The prison will also be putting the public on notice.

"One of things we are going to post is signage within the facilities, which indicates the criminal violation of promoting contraband, sort of a deterrence," he said.

Bordallo credits the vigilance of his security platoons who conduct random searches at least twice daily.

A new contraband investigation was launched just this week. 

KUAM confirms that on February 7th, officers conducted a shakedown at Post 29 finding three cell phones, vape juice, a glass pipe, a baggie with meth, a makeshift weapon, and lighters.