Ready, set, run! Mark your calendars for Inalahan’s 2nd Annual 2k-5k on February 17th!  We speak to the event’s organizers ahead of the run/walk as they invite the community to the historic village! 

Picture yourself lacing up your shoes for a picturesque run through beautiful landscapes in the historic village of Inalahan - that’s the promise of the Gadao 2k/5k run/walk just around the corner.   Shista Delgado, an avid runner herself, is part of the Guam Running Club and affiliated with Run Guam - she’s lending her expertise to the event.

 “When it was brought to my attention by Bernie Sablan, who’s from Inalahan–I thought, what a beautiful opportunity for the running community to head down to the historic village of Inalahan and just view the majestic gems Inalahan has to offer Guahan–things like the Inalahan pools, Gef Pago, or bear rock. Those are things not just anyone gets to run by every single day," she said.

It’s an alluring call out to all runners interested in the scenic route.  “It’s a very beautiful coastal run," noted village mayor Anthony "TC" Chargualaf. "More importantly, like Shista says, you’re going to be able to witness the sunrise. This is the only run on the eastern side of the island – so it makes it very unique and definitely very beautiful, and we hope everyone can come and join.” 

And while the run/walk is open to the entire island community, Mayor Chargualaf says it is an effort to make healthy outlets like these more accessible to the southern community.   “For the most part, a lot of the gyms are all located within the central and northern part of Guam. We don’t have that kind of building down there. So again, trying to inspire the community to even engage in simple running–I’m hoping that this event sparks interest among not just the youth, but even the man’amko’s as well," he added.

Delgado driving that hope home–ensuring the 2k-5k is all-inclusive–no matter your age or your pace.   “Not everybody has to run–and we talk about it. You can come out there with a family and just walk or jog–take slow steps," she said.

And after you’ve reached the finish line, runners can expect warm hospitality and a warm meal.   “When you’re done, it’s not a typical orange and apples. We’ve committed that we are going to serve fried rice, eggs, sausages, and the like," said Chargualaf.

Registration for the Gadao Run is ongoing at several locations up until the day of the 2k-5k on February 17.