The crowds in Tumon are picking up with more visiting military and tourists on the island. 

The talk this week has circulated around whether cabarets should return to ending operating hours at a later time.  

Bill 238 would change the hours of sale for cabaret businesses, essentially moving the closing time up to 4 a.m.

Social media lit up overnight with dozens speaking out against the bill introduced by Senator Roy Quinata. Several called the idea bad, horrible, and absurd. 

But Porky’s Bar Manager Taylor Ducharme feels otherwise.

She said, “I think it would be a good idea because our crowds have been getting later and later. It seems that on a Friday or Saturday night we aren’t getting a crowd in here until about 11 p.m. so if we extended the hours, it’d be good for business and two, the morale around here would probably go up a little bit.” 

She added it would also be a plus for her workers.

“It would give guys here more opportunity to work a little more. With the economy and everything being more expensive I feel it will help our guys here,” Ducharme said. 

At Zoh Nightclub, bartender Raina Okada and Annalyn Cabrera share what makes the later closing time proposal so attractive.

“Personally, I'm neutral because one it’s good for business and revenue but personally I also work a day job and most of our other staff here work two jobs. Opening up until 4 a.m. may not be good just because it’s going to be harder to do both jobs,” Okada said. 

Cabrera then shared, “I know a lot of people have their thoughts on it extending. The time to be out but a lot of people also try to find a lot of after hours bars, which is not something everybody wants. but with the club open until 4 a.m., it will definitely be a good one for the people that actually enjoy being out.”

Similarly, Melting Point owner Chris Bolus said the proposal is a solution to help businesses like him still recovering.

He said, “I think it would be a good thing for our economy especially with the bar scene. Especially after COVID and Mawar, the streets have been kind of slow so I think the extra two hours within the night would help…For Melting Point, that’s my biggest thing is always making sure that whoever comes in here when they leave they are always safe driving home and getting back to their families.” 

The measure will go up for a public hearing.

Ultimately, Senator Quinata said the bill seeks to promote better nightlife in the Tumon area.