A total of seven bills were deliberated, all sponsored by Senator Roy Quinata, who worked with the Election Commission in drafting the measures.

GEC offered testimony in support of all of them.

Program Coordinator Tom San Agustin said, “Bill 216 allows for Guam Police Department intervention should electioneering occur at the polls, and provides further collaboration with GPD. GEC seeks to establish safer electioneering parameters for the polling sites throughout the island.” 

“Bill 217  seeks to change the deadline for tabulating provisional ballots which would allow the GEC to synchronize its timetable for tabulating both absentee and provisional,” He added. 

San Agustin also said, “Bill 218 seeks to change the close of registration 10 days to 21 days prior to an election, which would consistently apply the close of registration to all avenues, further this additional time will help the GEC to ensure and protect the accuracy of the voter registry.” 

Among the other bills: there's one that would require write-in names to be published only if the total would impact race results.

Another would eliminate the Attorney General and the Public Auditor races from the primary election, because they're non-partisan positions.

And there was also a proposal to review campaign finances on a quarterly basis instead of after an election.