A new charter school could be on the horizon.

The Board of Directors of the proposed Business and Technology High School Academy charter school went before the Guam Academy Charter School Council for approval of its petition to establish this week. 

The school aims to prepare students from 9th to 12th grade for post-secondary education and career development, with a capacity for a two-hundred-student population in its first year. 

The proposed campus facilities are expected to be the buildings attached to the Science is Fun and Awesome charter school in Tiyan, leased under Eagles Land Holdings.

Joe Mesa is the Vice Chair on the board. 

He said, “Our youth will be graduating from high school with not only the basic math, english, and science skills, but also being involved with the business and technology aspects of what it means to be in the workforce today.” 

A response is expected from the council by the end of the month. From there, the matter will go before the legislature. 

The school intends to operate during the 2024-2025 academic school year.

“Our goal is to provide solutions to our children in education and provide the environment for learning. BTACS High School will be designed to provide college and career tech readiness for our young adults through success navigation. In essence, we like to say, 'We want to turn education upside down. There are many aspects to the petition and our intent. As one of our efforts, the School aims to challenge education paradigms and inspire youth to take control of their learning and careers. We seek to shift their mindset from dependence to interdependence and provide them with the necessary tools to contribute to 21st-century solutions. Learning begins with engagement and open dialogue.' Our focus is not only on preparing our young adults for college by focusing on Math-Reading Comprehension and writing but also on preparing young adults through subject matter experts (SME) for careers in aviation, such as being a pilot, aircraft technician, business, and technology. We are very excited to provide these options to our young adults," said Zar Atalig, Board Chairman.