A mother is fighting for her son’s innocence.

She said, “Jamie is a good kid. He’s not like everybody else his age, Jamie’s a bit behind.” 

Defendant Jamie Nededog watched his mom, Jessica, speak on his behalf during day two of his murder trial. 

Prosecutor Sean Brown called on the defendant's mom to testify. 

Prosecutor Sean Brown: Has he ever been in trouble before? 

Jessica Nededog: Yes, he has. 

Brown: Has he ever been dishonest with you?

Jessica: No.

Brown: Not once in his entire life? 

Jessica: No.

Nededog stands accused in the October 2023 killing of Edwin Pirando. 

Pirando's body was found badly beaten in Sumai. Defense attorney Peter Santos also asked questions to Nededog’s mother.

Defense Peter Santos: You told Jaime that the body was Ed’s body?

Jessica: Mhmm.

Santos: Did he know it was Ed’s body? 

Jessica: I don’t know. 

Santos: Did he seem surprised? 

Jessica: Yeah.

Santos: And then he immediately told you he was with Ed on Saturday? 

Jessica: Yes.

She admits her son told her he was the one who drove Pirando's truck that night. The defendant's mom testified that she told her son to report it to the police. 

Santos: Did you ask him at all if he’s involved in Ed’s death?

Jessica: Yes I did. 

Santos: Did he confess to you? 

Jessica: He said no. I did not kill Ed. He’s my friend. 

Outside of the courtroom, Pirando's cousin, Betty Ettleman said the family is still feeling the pain from their loss.

“It’s been terrible for all of us,” she said. 

Pirando's family is now seeking justice. 

Trial is ongoing before Judge Alberto Tolentino.