A bill is introduced that could result in bars and clubs operating again until 4 in the morning.

The Venue owner Phil Roberto said, “Personally, I wouldn't want to extend my hours past 2 a.m.; it’s already hard enough trying to find employees in this current business environment who want to work–let alone work until 2 a.m., much less 5 a.m., which could possibly turn into 5 a.m. because you still have to clean up.”

Roberto is uncertain of the later hours for his bar but it's a possibility for establishments like his with the introduction of Senator Roy Quinata’s Bill 238. 

“I think if we extended another 2 hours, it could be a possible economic driver. It’s not only going to help benefit the business owners down there in Tumon but also attract new businesses and new activities for people to possibly explore and create more jobs,” said Sen. Quinata. 

Roberto’s bar and many more seemingly considered a cabaret business, according to the bill.

The measure proposed that cabaret businesses with an on-sale license can sell and serve alcohol up until 4 a.m.

However, not without rules and regulations. 

And while Quinata said the bill seeks to promote better nightlife in the Tumon area, most specifically catering to businesses with entertainment, he admits the bill’s definition of what is considered a cabaret establishment needs grooming. 

Meantime, Roberto suggested the senator review the old alcohol beverage control laws as a whole. 

Roberto said, “The senator says he’s looking at our tourism industry. And maybe what needs to be considered also is for those ABC licenses that are within the hospitality industry areas like Tumon and Tamuning, that they be given a 24-hour license. Similar to what they do with the airport–by law, the airport can serve alcohol 24/7. And maybe that’s what we need to look at for hotels and businesses that operate in hospitality zones.”