One of the main complaints from would-be business start-ups over the years has been the tedious process of getting a license.

A bill by Senator Dwayne San Nicolas seeks to help some companies by providing for a “conditional” business license while they wait to get a regular license.

Representatives from the Guam Association of Realtors expressed support for the measure, calling it a first step in the right direction.

Realtor Liz Duenas said, “And then you're subject to Fire Department schedule, you're subject to land management schedule, you're subject to other schedules, and you know public works has to inspect. So we're not trying to bypass safety measures, we'd like to speed up the process somehow…So yes, there are things that we can work on to improve the system. Whether it be through this bill, or revising the current law, at least we're calling attention to it.”

As discussed at the hearing, officials are concerned about helping new businesses to spur the economy while also ensuring that the necessary safeguards are in place for business customers.