Former baseball star admits to making a mistake and is getting help for his drug addiction. 

John Hattig Jr. is set to admit guilt in the illegal drug and weapons possession case filed against him in local court.

Now on the path to recovery, Hattig shared with KUAM his journey. 

“I made amends that I made mistakes in my life and I don’t have problems taking responsibility for it and doing what’s right and helping me get to where I need to be in life right now,” He said. 

Hattig was arrested in July 2021 after authorities spotted him in Tamuning with a firearm, three baggies of meth, Xanax pills, and a scale.

Defense Attorney Annie Gayle told Superior Court Judge Maria Cenzon today that Hattig has reached an agreement with prosecutors.

Defense Attorney Gayle: At this point, it’s a suspended sentence, Your Honor. 

Judge Cenzon: Ok. To what will he be pleading? 

Gayle: (Drug) Possession and firearm without an ID. 

Cenzon: And then dismiss all the other charges? 

Gayle: Yes, Your Honor. 

Hattig will return to court at a later date to admit guilt to his crime. The former Toronto Blue Jays player will be spared jail time and be placed on two years probation.

In a brief interview with KUAM, Hattig shared his biggest takeaway, “I guess people make mistakes and I guess I’m atoning to it. I think by staying the straight line it has helped me in the past few years in the courtroom. Going back to being a good citizen, I think has really helped me proceed with talking with the government with taking the plea deal that I would like. I ultimately didn’t want to spend time in jail because I am a first time offender.”

He continued, saying this was a life lesson well learned. “No matter where you are in life, whether you are a big shot or small-time, that drug affects everybody and I hope to inspire others struggling with it that they are not afraid to come forward and ask for help,” He shared. 

Hattig also learned that the road to recovery doesn’t always have to be lonely. He shared that he is now focused on being a father and a productive member of society.

“I appreciate the people that have stuck by me and always wished me well and stayed good for me and kept me positive,” Hattig said. “That is what really gets me is I let down the island. I feel like I owe it to the people to show that you can recover and you can do this. Just because I am a former professional baseball player doesn’t exempt me from being hit by life.”