While we take pride in our relaxed pace and kickback island vibes, we all lead busy lives and we could all use a boost to get us through the day. So head over to any of the 13 Foody's locations throughout Guam for the fix you crave – without the guilt.

Foremost & Coke Guam's CEO, Marcos Fong, told KUAM News that he his company now carries Super Coffee, the best-selling "clean coffee" brand in the U.S. "It's got zero grams of sugar, 10 grams of protein, great ingredients, and it's Keto-friendly," he explained.

But while energy is nice, focus is equally important. Both products deliver, without having you too wired, or dealing with the dreaded sugar crash. IP&E's Richard Reyes showed-off Super Enrgy, the high-impact beverage that also has no sugar.

So that's for the coffee crowd. But there's also a solution for the energy drink community who enjoys their daily jolt before hitting the gym. So what's the difference, and which should you opt with, given your lifestyle? Both have vitamins and are great for the preparation times during the day, Fong said.

And if Super Coffee's name may ring a bell, it's got somewhat of a celebrity backstory. "You may have also seen this product in Shark Tank in 2018...the idea came from a college student who was looking for energy and couldn't find anything that didn't include sugar, and then the crash. So, he came up with the formula," said Fong.

So now that you're sold, here's where to get yours, all with a great deal you need to take advantage of. Reyes said  Super Coffee is exclusively sold at Foody's where you can get two for $7.50, where  you can also score two Super Enrgy cans for $5.50."